About This Project

National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) is a public charity dedicated to increasing philanthropy in society. We created “A History of Modern Philanthropy” as a service to the public and to further our charitable mission. We hope it helps people understand the foundation, legacy and impact of modern philanthropy.

The timeline itself covers 500 years in approximately 200 entries and is designed to provide a narrative, if not exhaustive, view of history. We carefully chose each entry for its connection to a larger trend in philanthropy or giving practices. Our goal is to convey the breadth and possibilities of philanthropy by highlighting moments and events that represent the evolution of charitable giving around the world.

Navigating the Timeline

Our goal is to provide you with a simple but flexible user experience, allowing you to scroll chronologically, jump to different time periods, or filter entries by region, type or cause. You will also find a variety of media alongside many of the entries, such as original documents, photos, illustrations, sound files, and video. Over time, we hope to grow and refine our presentation, adding things like a search feature, additional research categories, and more media. In that spirit, we appreciate your feedback and will actively consider partner contributions and expansion opportunities.

To contact NPT, please send an email to historyofgiving@nptrust.org


NPT would like to recognize the invaluable contributions of the research team at History Associates and the design team at Suka Creative. We would also like to thank the following organizations for their various contributions of information and/or media:

Anti-Apartheid Movement Archives Committee
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Emma Willard School, Troy, New York
The Ford Foundation
Independent Sector
Keep the Promise
Library and Archives of Canada
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
University of Southern Mississippi
Vicaría de la Solidaridad

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